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Meadland Bindery is located in Brentwood Bay, in the Greater Victoria area on Vancouver Island (BC, Canada). Lorraine Butler of Meadland Bindery ensures that your project is seen through professionally and with great care from first contact to completion.

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Meadland bindery services

Conservation/ Restoration

My specialty, with 26 years experience, is conservation and restoration. Books are brought to the bindery with a variety of issues such as

  • bindings cracked or apart at the joint
  • spine completely off
  • bindings (spine and covers) in pieces
  • spine missing completely
  • text loose from cover
  • inner joints cracked and loose
  • endpapers torn or missing
  • sewing and/or pages loose
  • illustrations loose
  • pages torn, taped, tattered
After a careful assessment of the book, I will make recommendations for treatment and provide an estimate. Consideration is given to the book’s condition, its historical value and intended use. Treatments used are sympathetic to the age of the book and its original materials. Acid-free, archival materials such as Japanese papers, linen, ph neutral papers, wheat starch paste and conservation-quality leathers are used during the process of restoration.

New Bindings

If you have a book that has lost the original cover or the cover is too damaged to reuse, I can provide a new binding for you. The new cover can be leather, cloth or paper. If you have loose sheets of paper, such as a thesis or memoir, I can consolidate the sheets into a text block and then make a cover for it. Materials I use include leather, bookcloths, marbled papers and new endpapers. Prices include a new title for the book.

Paper Repair

For repair of pages, documents, maps, book illustrations.

  • issues include tears, tattered edges, adhesive tape, wrinkling and folds, missing areas
  • tears and edges repairs are done with Japanese paper and wheat starch paste, an archival reversible method
  • if inks are water-fast, pages can be washed to remove stains and deacidified
  • maps or documents that are in pieces can be backed onto Japanese paper
  • wrinkled, folded pages can be flattened
  • most tape can be removed
  • dirty pages can be dry cleaned to remove surface dirt

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Work Examples

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About us

Lorraine has twenty-six years hand bookbinding experience. She trained for 3 years with Courtland Benson in Victoria, B.C. She has taken workshops in Canada and the U.S. from leading binders and conservators from Canada, the US and Britain.


Clients include: university library Special Collections, archives, rare book dealers, book collectors, museums, libraries, general public.


Lorraine established Meadland Bindery in 1989, and the studio has been in the present location since 1991. The bindery was originally located on Mills X Rd. in North Saanich, B.C. in a building rumored to be the Meadland terminal of the B.C. Electric Railway.

Guild Memberships

Lorraine has been a member of CBBAG, GBW and SBAG since 1989.

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Contact Information

Meadland Bindery
1192 Dignan Road
Brentwood Bay, BC V8M 1H4
Phone. (250) 652-0231

Hours: Mon - Fri 9am-12pm
Please call ahead to ensure that we are on-site if you want to drop in!
Email: meadlandbindery (at) shaw (dot) ca

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